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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tony Sylvester

Tony Sylvester, who likens his name to the Looney Tunes cat, is animated about the benefits of being on the Forensics Speech and Debate team and his new favorite movie “Across the Universe.”

A freshmen communication studies major pursuing a career as a company event planner, Sylvester is honest about the demands of being on the speech team, but he says the sacrifices are worth the end result. Being articulate and having good communication skills will benefit any career.

“Good time management skills and motivation to not waste any free time have been skills learned. Stress can help motivate you to get things such as homework done,” Sylvester said.

In addition to school and speech demands, Sylvester likes to hang out with friends, watch movies and play video games. This year he isn’t involved with any organizations other than the speech team, but in the future he would like try the Lost Flamingo Company.

Sylvester’s favorite food is cheesecake and he is currently “facebook single”. He is a busy guy, but if he comes across an energetic, talkative girl with a sense of humor he might make room in his schedule.
~Jeanna Packard