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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spark Tabor

Junior Spark Tabor is currently in his first year of Ohio Forensics. He heard about the Forensics Team spring quarter of his sophomore year in his COMS 215 class: Argument Analysis and Advocacy. The professor informed Spark that he would be very talented on the Forensics Team and that he should look into joining the following year, “and the rest is history,” Spark laughed.

Spark participates in many events, including impromptu and duo interpretation. His favorite is impromptu, but he is interested in participating in more events next year. Since joining, he has improved in his speaking and debating skills by endless amounts just by being in the forensics environment. It also helped with a nervous habit he had when he was younger: fidgeting while he spoke. “A lot of people have problems with body control… the best way to overcome that is by practicing in front of a mirror. Every time you see yourself waving your hands or rocking back and forth, stop your speech and start over. You’ll get really frustrated with constantly starting over that you’ll get over your problem,” he commented.

Along with becoming a better speaker, Spark has made many friends by being a part of Forensics, like Hassan Sheikh, another junior on the team. He said that joining Ohio Forensics as a freshman would automatically give a person a “cocoon” of friends. The only downside is the time commitment. Between being a part of Forensics and being a Resident Assistant in Sargent, Spark has missed a lot of the infamous weekend nightlife of Ohio University.

Spark is an Organizational Communications major. “I’d really like to be a professional Monopoly player, but if that doesn’t work out I’ll be an event planner.” Whatever his profession decision is, we can certainly expect great things from him on the Forensics team now.