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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ted Dacey

Along with finding a quaint college town, Ted Dacey came all the way to Ohio University from Maryland for the forensics team. Dacey, a freshman political science major, believes that being a team player and keeping a positive attitude are crucial to success in speech and debate. Although the team takes time and hard work, he says that they still manage to have a lot of fun together. Since Ted has a long career ahead of him for the team he hopes to see them become national champions several times over.
Besides being on the Forensics team Ted is a typical freshman experiencing dorm life and dining halls. Ironically, fellow teammate Spark Tabor is Dacey’s Resident Assistant in Sargent Hall. For the most part he loves the dorm life but finds having to wear flip-flops to the bathroom rather unfavorable. And as far as dining halls are concerned, “I always say it’s a good day when there are tater tots in the dining hall,” he said.
One impressive talent Ted harbors is the ability to quote nearly every line in the film Airplane!, “the greatest film ever, every time I watch it I find myself doubled over in laughter”. A love of all dairy, Dacey has even discovered the secret to making hardboiled eggs in a microwave.
A member of OU Republicans, Dacey is deeply involved in politics and has high hopes for Mitt Romney winning the presidential candidate. He feels that Romney’s success as a businessman and a governor has proved him to be capable of creating a much needed change.
By Amy Renner